Color Explosion Science Experiment for Kids using Milk, Soap and Colors – KidzLogic

How does the Color Explosion Science Experiment magic trick work – Major content of Milk is water, but it also contains minerals, proteins, vitamins and droplets of fat. Proteins and fats of mils are very sensitive to changes in milk. The magic of bursting colors is in the chemical reaction of tiny drop of soap. Like other oils, milk fat is a non-polar molecule which makes it non- dissolvable in water. When the disk soap is mixed in, the non-polar portion of micelles break up and collect the non-polar fat molecules. Then the polar surface of the micelle connects to the polar water molecule with the fat held inside the soap micelle. The molecules of fat bend, roll, twist, and contort in all directions as the soap molecules race around to join up with the fat molecules. During all of this fat molecule chemistry, the food coloring molecules are bumped and shoved everywhere, providing an easy way to observe all the invisible activity.

What you need for this magic trick: For this magic trick, all you need is easy household items i.e. Milk, Dish Soap, Food Colors and Bowl/Plate.


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